Custom Orders


Do You Accept Custom Orders?

Yes! We do Accept Custom Orders! But we do NOT accept ALL Custom Orders.

Orders are accepted on a case by case basis and depends on what you order, how many Custom Orders we already have, and whether we think we are the right Company to create your Ideal Product.

How Do I Get a Custom Order?

Well, the first thing you need to know is what it is you are looking for. Please know your Measurements, Color Choices, Hardware Colors (If Applicable), and other details. The more details you can provide us with the better!

Then when you are ready, Contact Us! You can Contact Us on Social Media, Through the Contact Us form on Our Website, or by Emailing Us at

How Long Until I Get a Reply to my Email or Message?

We are pretty busy all the time, but we usually reply as soon as we see it. It could be as quick as 1 Hour but could take up to 24 Hours.

What Can I Order?

We are known for Our Trash Cans, but we can custom make you almost anything.

Benches, Stools, Tables, Other Furniture. If you have an idea, Let Us Help You!

You can also check out our Product Gallery to see past Custom Orders and help you get some ideas!

How Long Will My Custom Order Take?

Custom Orders take longer to Create and Process than Items we have Pre-Made and In Stock.

Custom Order Times vary and will be discussed with you before placing your order.

How Will I Get My Custom Order?

If your Custom Order is able to be shipped, then we will ship it to you.

You will receive an Email with a Tracking Number once your order has been shipped.

If your Custom Order is TOO BIG for regular shipping or requires Freight Shipping, then you will be asked to pay for Shipping or we can schedule a Pick Up or Delivery (Depending on Where you are Located).

This will be discussed when placing your Custom Order.

Take a Look Below to See Some of Our Custom Order Designs

Below you will see a Few of Our Past Custom Order Projects to help give you an idea of what we can Custom make for you! If you want to see more of our Custom Orders, check out Our Product Gallery.

A Few Past Custom Orders...

And A Few More...

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